Best Sex Positions For Straight Couples

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, trying new positions can give you and your partner fresh thrills. But that’s not all – you can also use different types of stimulation to get orgasms.

To start, try the missionary position. This tried-and-true sex position can be livened up by using pillows to raise the partner on bottom.


Missionary is an easy, classic sex position that is great for first timers or for couples who want to keep things simple. “This position allows partners to engage in vaginal intercourse and integrate other sensory play, such as back scratching or nibbling,” explains sexologist Lauren French. It’s also a good choice for couples who are married, as it can help stimulate the G spot, which is important to achieve orgasm during penetration.

The partner being penetrated lies on their back, with a pillow or wedge under their butt to elevate and open their legs. The penetrating partner then enters into the gap between their knees, and can grind their genitals against each other or insert their fingers into the vaginal opening. The recipient may also lean forward to increase friction and stimulation.

For an added dose of intimacy, the receiver can lift their legs in a cross-legged pose and rest them on the penetrating partner’s shoulders. They can then tussle and kiss while the penetrating partner goes in. This position is a great choice for people who want to experience oral sex without being exposed and can be more comfortable than traditional 69ing, which requires the recipient to hoist their feet up over the penetrating partner’s head. For a variation, try the leapfrog position, which is a more sexually adventurous version of doggy.


Face-off is a powerful position that’s great for boosting intimacy and sexual stimulation. It’s a seated position that involves both partners facing each other with their knees up on their partner’s thighs, and they both lean back while matching each other’s thrusting tempo. Adding restraint play can also make this position feel extra hot, whether that’s the penetrating partner using their hand to hold down their partners thigh or a cuffed clitoris.

It’s a similar position to spooning, but it’s great for couples who want to explore more of each other. The penetrating partner lies on their side and enters the person being penetrated from behind, either anal or vaginally, says Fleming. This is a good option for couples who need to slow down and focus on their intimacy but still want to keep things going, and it’s also a great way to hit the G-spot.

Another way to get creative with this position is to add a little lubrication and make it a 69. You can also try straddling each other’s legs, which is particularly sexy for same-sex partners. Then you can enjoy rubbing your clits together and a deep kiss at the same time, and it’s easy to see why this is a favorite sex position for many couples. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try laying 69 or other more advanced sex positions like the helicopter, amazon, and wheelbarrow.


One of the best sex positions for couples with strong libidos is straddling. This fun position is similar to missionary but switches things up with a different angle of penetration. The partner being penetrated lies on their back with their top leg spread as their penetrating partner straddles them, creating an intimate and sexually satisfying connection.

Another variation on this sex position is known as the leapfrog or the seated amazon. It’s a great option for beginners because it takes less stamina for the partner on top, but it also can feel like a more intimate version of doggy style. The person on the bottom can lean into their partner’s body, and they can even grind their clitoris or use a sex toy to heighten pleasure.

Another classic sex position that is perfect for lazy mornings is spooning or the cowboy. This sex position involves the bottom lying on their stomach while the top straddles them and rides them, making it a great choice for clitoral stimulation for the person on the bottom. The top can also play with their partner’s breasts or nipples for added sexual stimulation.


While everyone has their favorite sex positions, if you and your partner are stuck in a routine that feels stale, try mixing things up with new erotic positions. Not only can they provide excitement and sexual pleasure, but they also increase intimacy and help couples reach their peak sex drive.

One of the best sex positions for straight couples that provides the thrill of deep penetration while also protecting their bodies’ faces is the leapfrog position (or, as it’s sometimes called, Amazon or Warrior for gay couples). The person being penetrated lies flat on their back, with their legs pretzeled around their kneeling partner’s body. For added stimulation, the penetrating partner can use their hands to hold their partner’s feet or legs.

For a more intimate variation on this position that’s easy to master, try the spooning position. This sex position is like an upright version of doggy, with both partners facing each other and gazing into each other’s eyes for eye contact. For an extra boost of orgasm, have the penetrating partner gently brush or grind their penis against your clitoris while you thrust slowly and sensually.

Even if you and your partner stick to the tried-and-true, experimenting with new positions can bring excitement into the bedroom and increase sexual satisfaction for both of you. But remember, sex positions are only one part of the equation for satisfying sex—communication and consent are equally important.