Best Sex Positions For Virgin Men

When it comes to first time sex, comfort is key. Over-anxiety or hesitation can lead to pain and disappointment. Luckily, there are many useful tips that can help virgins to overcome these hurdles.

Some of the most effective sex positions for virgins include the missionary position and spooning. Both involve lots of eye contact and a sense of intimacy, which can be very exciting for both partners.

Missionary Pose

The Missionary Pose is a classic for couples that want to enjoy close-up intimate sex. This position is easy for virgin men to master, doesn’t require much effort and allows them to have eye contact with their partner throughout sex.

This position also provides good clitoral stimulation by placing the man’s penis closer to the woman’s clitoris. The proximity can heighten sexual sensation during penetration and lead to a deeper orgasm. To intensify the experience, try rotating your hips and moving your pelvic area up and down to get a better feel for different angles of penetration.

It is best for beginners to start with the basic Missionary position and once they gain more experience, they can experiment with other positions such as the 69 position or doggy style. This will give the male partner more control over the sex experience and allow him to decide how hard or soft to push for the first few times.

The other advantage of this position is that it allows for skin-to-skin intimacy and kissing. This is important for many people and can add a lot of pleasure to the sex experience. You can also spice up the experience with some role play if you are comfortable with it. For example, a man could tell his partner how beautiful she looks and how much he loves her in this position.

Rocking Horse

Rocking horse is a useful first time sex position for virgin men as it allows them to take a more active role. It also allows them to increase the level of pleasure in their partner as they will be able to suck and kiss them during penetration. It’s important to use lube during this position to prevent friction and to ensure the best experience possible.

The penetrating partner starts off by sitting cross-legged and then leans back, supporting themselves on their arms. The receiver then gets on her knees and straddles the man. The man can then use his hands to help maintain the position while he begins his thrusting. The woman can also use her hands to rub and caress her partner’s crotch, which is an additional orgasm-inducing feature.

This position is a good choice for people who enjoy penis-in-vagina sex. It can be hard to reach climax in this position without some additional stimulation, so you might want to consider using a clitoral vibrator for an extra boost.

Spooning is another slow-penetration position that’s good for virgins because it lets them stay calm and enjoy the process. It’s also ideal for beginners because it’s easy to learn and doesn’t require much skill. The receiver lies on her side and the penetrator lies behind her, allowing him to enter her from behind and stroke her clitoral hood.


Another classic position, the spooning can provide lots of intimate contact and arousal. One partner lies on their side with their heads and crotches aligned and the other person, usually the man, takes them from behind. This allows shallow penetration for arousal but still provides the thrill of orgasm. It is also a great slow sex position for virgins who want to keep it gentle.

For more intimacy, the upper partner can place their arm on their lower back for support or intertwine it with their partner’s. Then, they can gently move their hand across the bottom of their partner’s nipple or clitoral hood. This will stimulate the G-spot and give both partners an extra sensation.

The upper partner can also ride their partner. This is similar to the cowgirl position, but the receiver lays on their stomach and the giver kneels or stands in front of them, penetrating them in the vagina or anus. The giving partner can also use a vibrator or a butt plug to add more sensations and increase pleasure.

This position is great for orgasm, but it can be just as sexy to cuddle in post-sex as well. It is perfect for couples who like to be close and intimate, but it may be too uncomfortable for hot sleepers. Spooning can also be done upside down as a Y shape, which is ideal for couples who want more intimacy or have trouble staying comfortable in bed all night.


The Cowgirl is a classic, woman-on-top position that’s great for first-timers. It’s also an option that allows the receptive partner to stay in control of the pace, depth and angle of penetration, says sex educator Layla Martin. It also lets them add toys to the mix for even more stimulation.

The receptive partner can use their arms to create thrusting action, and they can even rest their legs against the penetrating partner’s chest and neck for deeper stimulation. Another fun variation is the leaning reverse cowgirl, where the receptive partner can push their hips back and forth to make foreplay more exciting.

This is a great position for clitoral stimulation, as well. In fact, it’s one of the few positions that actually give vulva owners a chance to grind their clitoris against the pubic bone during sexual activity, explains sexologist Jill McDevitt. You can also stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator or penis ring while in the cowgirl position.

Like any sex position, it’s important for both partners to communicate during sex and try different positions to see what works best for them. It’s also crucial to use lubrication and engage in lots of foreplay before making a move. With the right sex, anyone can find their perfect ride! So, get to know these expert-approved sex positions to find your next favorite.