coffee and sex

Coffee and Sex – Can Coffee Make Your Sex Life Better?

Is there a connection between coffee and sex? Or, is it a plus factor for sex and drinking coffee? Is it something that is discussed only among the scientific community? If yes, how come we don’t hear more about this in the science textbooks? Apotecin, a chemical found in coffee, is responsible for that coffee and sex thing.

Turkish men go to bathhouses without women

According to an article in the May 2021 edition of Archives of Internal Medicine, an ambassador from Turkey, back in 1571, stated that coffee made men to be more effeminate. He saw Turkish men go to bathhouses without women and go into regular coffee houses having sex instead. Therefore, he concluded that the amount of caffeine in coffee would affect how much sex the person would have. It would seem like good logic, but unfortunately, we don’t have any medical studies to prove it yet.

However, some doctors do believe that caffeine does affect the sex drive negatively, by raising the heart rate, increasing blood pressure, and increasing respiratory rate. That is the reason why many people avoid coffee altogether, because of these effects. Also, a German study (not published in a peer-reviewed journal, but was reported in the March 2021 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine) indicated that those who had low dosages of the antioxidant polyphenols were more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

There may be some correlation between coffee and sex

Some studies are indicating that there may be some correlation between coffee and sex, also. Two separate studies were performed at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. One group of male students drank two cups of coffee per day; the other group, a control group, ate a buffet with no coffee. After a month, the caffeinated group had an increase in libido; the control group did not. The other study looked at women, and the results were similar: women who ate a buffet with caffeine had a lower sex drive than women who ate a control buffet without caffeine.

So, what can you do about it? You can make sure you’re getting a decent amount of sleep, which should help reduce your stress level and improve your sex drive. You can also go easy on the caffeine and eat a smaller meal, which should also help you relax. Some doctors are suggesting that a combination of both may be necessary for success in combating erectile dysfunction.

If you aren’t drinking coffee at home, try going out into the night sometimes. Many adult cruises offer special cruises that include coffee as part of the package. Also, many adult movies clubs now serve free coffee at their establishment. You can even get small packets of cheddar cheese at some movie and adult bookstores that have small containers of dark roast cheddar on them. Cheddar flavored coffee is said to be good for you, as is blueberry cheddar flavored coffee.