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Normal housewife of Tamil Village in India

Desi Dhole, a normal housewife of Tamil Village in India, finds a cool and perfect young handsome boy with desi name Babu. He is so kind hearted and polite that she decided to marry him after 2 years of their relationship. She was really happy and dreamed of a wonderful life with her new husband, so when her husband passed away in a road accident, she started writing to her good friend Satya who is also from the same village as her. She was so desperate to ask for Desi’s hand in marriage that she tried to call all her female friends, but they had no idea where she came from.

One of the female friends informed her that tamil kamaathaikal or free online sex stories can help her find her dream partner. This news made Desi so happy as she was about to call up one of her friend to give her the bad news. But then she remembered that it was a shame that she couldn’t pick up a live person to talk to, so what to do? That was the moment when Desi realised that she needs to read full story…

The next day, Desi went to the local book store which sells novel in translation. In the book section, there were a lot of Indian novels in different languages, but none of them had her favourite story… Tamil sex stories. She bought one and read the first few lines and then found out that it was by an unknown author.

The Tamil sex story was about love

Desi was so sad and wanted to buy the book, but couldn’t. Then she remembered about the book and decided to read it. She read the first couple of chapters and found out that the book is about two lovers in a relationship, so the story was about love and sex. She was all excited and bought the book without even thinking about the author. From that day, no one can stop talking about Tamil sex stories.

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