The Best Sex Positions For Married Couples

Whether your marriage is in the honeymoon phase or you’ve been together a long time, there are always new sex positions to try. Changing up the angles and depth of penetration can help deepen orgasms, and increase intimacy.

The cowgirl position allows the partner on top to control the speed and depth of thrusting, and can accommodate couples with different heights. It also provides direct clitoral stimulation.


Lotus, or yab-yum as it’s called in tantric practice, is a slow position that involves grinding and not just thrusting. It encourages deep eye contact and emotional connection and allows couples to synchronize their breathing, Fleming says.

To get into this sex position, the husband lies down on his back with his feet flat on the ground. The wife, or receiver, climbs on top of him and straddles his legs with her body and arms wrapping around them. Then, the woman grinds her vulva against his pubic bone. This is a great position to try for couples who want clitoral stimulation.

To kick it up a notch, try adding sex toys or using a vibrator during this position. Or, you can try the standing wheelbarrow position, which is a bit more advanced but also extremely stimulating for both partners. The man holds the woman’s legs, while he rocks on her from his knees up to his chest and then straightens to provide a kind of cradle for the woman. This is a great position for couples who want to be even more intimate with each other and focus on their sexual energy.


The missionary position gets a bad rep, but it can be super-orgasmic. When doing penetration in this position, ask your husband to slow down and grind your clitoris on the base of his penis or pelvic bone, says Garrison. This can add extra sensation and make the experience feel longer and more intense.

You can also try doing this position with a lubricated rod or stick, for added pleasure. Having it against your thigh can also increase the stimulation for both of you and make the position more challenging, which can be good for couples who want to challenge themselves sexually.

So, if you and your partner are in a rut with the same old positions, don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit. Just be sure to communicate with your spouse and always remember that sex looks different for everyone. Experimenting can also make you feel closer to your partner, which is important for long-term married couples.


While spooning in the bedroom might feel like a no-brainer, you can take it to a whole new level by changing your angle. This allows you to touch more surface area and entice your partner with new sensations. It’s also a great option for couples with a height difference.

Try the reverse cowgirl position. Lie in the spooning position and then raise one leg so your partner can enter you from behind. Once they’ve inserted, slowly lower your back until your upper body is flat on top of theirs. This woman on top position gives you control and lets your partner stimulate erogenous zones, including the clitoris and breasts.

If you want to make this even more intense, you can use a sex strap for increased leverage and deeper penetration. You can also incorporate arousing aural elements, like dirty talk or heavy moaning to intensify the experience for both partners.

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This is a great position for couples who like a lot of romantic eye contact. The woman sits with her legs crossed, and the husband kneels down in front of her. He then slides his penis or strap-on into her and begins to grind against her. This is a great position for clitoral stimulation and can be very exciting.

This position is a variation on the cowgirl, and it can be very satisfying for both partners. The wife straddles her husband in this position, facing his feet. She then grinds her clitoris against the base of his penis and pelvic bone, causing him to thrust in a way that is both intense and sensual.

Many couples find that their sex routines become boring after a while, and trying new positions can be an excellent way to revive the spark in a marriage. It can also help to create more satisfying orgasms, and it’s not just for couples with high libidos. Even those with low libidos can benefit from these exciting sex positions. They just need to be willing to try them out.

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When it comes to long-term sexual satisfaction, experts agree that couples need to spice things up in the bedroom with communication, mood-setting, sexual variety, oral sex, and orgasm. Adding new sex positions to your repertoire can be an effective way to do this, especially if you’re both comfortable with the position and have any necessary props—like vibrators or handcuffs—ready for use.

Lie on your back and drape one leg over your partner’s knee, creating an opening. She can then straddle your leg and move up and down it, controlling the speed. This is great for clitoral stimulation, and it’s easy enough for beginners to try.

A twist on the classic doggy style, this variation is a little more advanced but also extremely exciting for both partners. The husband holds his wife’s legs while she straddles them, creating a cradle for her and allowing him to penetrate deeply from behind. This is also a great position for teasing or using sex toys. The reverse cowgirl is another fun variation on this position.