The Best Sex Positions For Swing Partners

Many of the same sexual positions that can be done from a chair can also be performed in a swing. To get comfortable with the different motions, Chavez suggests doing a few practice runs without sex.

Doggy style in the swing can be a fun way to explore fascinating angles to clump the g-spot. The penetrative partner can grip the straps of the swing to move their partner closer and faster – or at whatever pace feels right.

Flying Dutchman

The Caliper position is often a challenge to perform on a bed, but sex swings make it easy. The swing supports your woman’s weight, allowing you to thrust her all the way up and down, and the position puts her G-spot right in your penis’s path for intense orgasms.

One of the hottest oral sex positions, the Amazon, is also super-easy on a sex swing. Have your partner lie on her back on the sex swing, place the seat’s wide strap over her lower belly, and use the leg straps to spread her legs apart. Kneel between her legs and crack out your wildest cunnilingus moves until she’s writhing in pleasure.

Some sex swing models come with rotatable suspension brackets or swivel hooks, which allow you to try even more kinky positions, like standing missionary or hanging doggy style. This lets you explore deeper, more intense variations of your favorite sex positions and makes the whole thing feel even more like you’re suspended in mid-air. This is the perfect way to add a whole new dimension of kinky fun to your swinging adventures!

Air Rider

A sex swing take on the cowgirl/cowboy position, the Air Rider lets the bottoming partner ride the top, while keeping the legs close to each other for full body contact and a variety of sensations. This is an excellent oral sex position and can also involve a lot of licking and sucking as penetration carries on.

The Air Rider is a great alternative to the missionary, as it can be hard on knees. To perform this position, the penetrating partner lies down and adjusts the swing seat so it’s at their crotch height. Then the receiving partner can lie in the swing seat and lower themselves down onto their penetrating partner’s penis.

For even more fun, the receiving partner can grab the sex swing straps and use them to bounce up and down on their partner for additional pleasure delivery and thrills. For example, they could shake their head and touch their boobs as the penetration continues. This can lead to mind-blowing G spot orgasms! The penetrating partner can also play with their tongue and other toys to amplify the experience.

Doggy Style in the Air

The classic doggy style is a time-honored favorite and it’s even hotter when you use a sex swing. In this position the receiver kneels in front of you straddling one of your outstretched legs. Then they take your other leg and lift it into the air so that it rests on their chest or shoulder. This makes it easy for them to go deep.

The top partner can also rotate their body to explore different sensations and positions. This is particularly helpful if she wants to take your testicles in her mouth, massage your perineum or explore your anus with their finger.

This is a great variation on the classic cowgirl position, which can be hard on the receiver’s back and knees. With a sex swing, however, the top can move side to side, up and down and even lift themselves to their heart’s content without putting any strain on their partner’s back or knees. The end result is a deep, full-body orgasm that hits your G-spot like never before. Try it with a handcuff to add an extra element of intensity.


Especially for those who have a strong kink for feeling helpless, there is nothing more erotic than a swing’s ability to allow you to get up close and personal with your partner. The Missionary position is a great example. With this sex swing position, you simply have your bottom partner sit down on the seat of the sex swing, spread their legs, and kneel in between. The top partner then thrusts into the middle of their bottom’s body with a dildo or peen, and they’re off to the races!

The penetrating partner can also lift one of their legs up, up over the other shoulder (adjust the height of the swing to avoid injury). This stretches the body out for an all-encompassing sensation that gives the bottom partner new levels of pleasure. You can then spin your partner around for even more sexy sensations as they explore their erogenous zones. Whether you’re doing oral or deep penetrative sex, this is a top-rated swing position for anyone looking to climax their partner!


The Facesitting position is one of the most fun and satisfying swing positions for both partners. It allows your partner to explore all of your erogenous zones, and is great for oral sex and rimming. It’s also great for the bottom partner who loves feeling pressure on their clitoris. This is a common position in fetish circles like BDSM, and can be especially effective with a clitoral toy.

This position takes a bit of practice to master, but it’s worth it. The person on top can lower themselves into the partner’s face, or slide in and out to tease them and increase the pleasure. The person on the bottom can grab their butt or legs for support, and can use a handcuff to add extra thrills.

If full-on facesitting freaks you out, you can work up to it by experimenting with other, less-intimidating positions. For example, the 69 position can provide similar sensations and power play while being a bit easier on both partners. Try putting a pair of Lorals underwear on before trying this position to keep you dry and prevent any unwanted juices from dripping down.